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"A sincere student should not neglect the discussion of such conclusions, considering them controversial, for such discussions strengthen the mind. Thus one's mind becomes attached to Krsna." (His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda Cc. Adi-lila 2.117)

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Srila PrabhupadaPrabhupādānugas (disciples, students, followers and well wishers) understand that Śrīla Prabhupāda is the current acharya and Dīkṣā guru (initiating spiritual master) of the Krishna Consciousness Movement and ISKCON.

Our faith is based upon the only system which he used, taught repeatedly and established–with complete detail and clarity–over a dozen years, and later confirmed in his written directive on July 9, 1977, addressed to all GBC and Temple Presidents.

This essential truth is well supported within Śrīla Prabhupāda’s unrevised, original books, as well as conversations, lectures and letters, which are the basis of the Krishna Consciousness movement and ISKCON. Śrīla Prabhupāda’s serious followers and disciples utilize these books for reading, preaching, studying, and distributing.

This website is meant to facilitate and foster communications and cooperation among devotees worldwide, and to keep Śrīla Prabhupāda in the center of his movement as Ācārya and initiating spiritual master.


Prabhupāda-anugas are followers and devotees of Śrīla Prabhupāda around the world, who have accepted Śrīla Prabhupāda as the center of ISKCON, following His system of initiation as outlined in his written July 9th directive, addressed to all GBC and Temple Presidents. 

This site was established under the inspiration, guidance and authority of the current spiritual master [ācārya] of the Krishna Consciousness Movement. It is meant to facilitate and foster communications and cooperation among all the devotees and followers of Śrīla Prabhupāda. And to facilitate, encourage and foster those interested in becoming devotees of Lord Kṛṣṇa and disciples of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda.

Basic fundamental points of Worldwide Prabhupāda-anugas (an International Alliance of Prabhupāda followers)

1. Śrīla Prabhupāda is the current acharya and diksha guru [initiating spiritual master] of the Krishna Consciousness Movement and ISKCON based upon the only system which he used, practiced, taught and established with complete detail and clarity over a dozen years and finalized/confirmed in his written directive and ritvik order on July 9th of 1977.

2. Śrīla Prabhupāda’s unrevised, original, first edition books are the basis of the Krishna Consciousness movement and ISKCON. Śrīla Prabhupāda’s serious followers and disciples should use these books for reading, preaching and study, and whenever available for book distribution.

3. Śrīla Prabhupāda’s original method of offering āratika to the deities, which he taught, instructed, practiced and demonstrated during His manifested presence, should be the method practiced, taught and followed by Śrīla Prabhupāda’s followers, disciples, students and new devotees. The original method of offering bhoga to the deities, as he taught, instructed, practiced and demonstrated during his manifested presence should be the method practiced and followed by all serious new Prabhupāda followers and disciples.

4. Śrīla Prabhupāda’s and the photographs of Śrīla Prabhupāda’s authorized predecessor ācāryas, as practiced and demonstrated by Śrīla Prabhupāda, must be the only ones on the altars and preaching centers of all serious new and seasoned Śrīla Prabhupāda followers and disciples.

5. The jaya dhvani [respectful obeisances] prayers at the end of the kīrtana should be recited starting with praṇāmas to Śrīla Prabhupāda and the predecessor ācāryas, and continuing with the other standard authorized praṇāmas taught by Śrīla Prabhupāda.

6. Śrīla Prabhupāda’s original method of offering praṇāmas [respectful obeisances] to him by reciting audibly nāma oṁ vishnu paḍaya and namaste sārasvate deve should be practiced by reciting audibly by all serious Prabhupāda followers and disciples. No other praṇāmas should be chanted other than
the praṇām mantras for Śrīla Prabhupāda.

7. Śrīla Prabhupāda is the pure Vaiṣṇava who is meditated on when singing Śrī Gurvastakam,

8. In the list of disciplic succession given by Śrīla Prabhupāda, His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda is number ’32’, with no need for a ‘33’ as a link to ‘32’”,

9. The term “my guru or my spiritual master’ refers to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda.


We affirm that A.C. Bhaktividanta Swami Prabhupāda is our Dīkṣā and Siksa guru by virtue of his personal order to become his disciple and be instructed by him through his books.

We affirm that anyone who criticizes, or finds fault with this method of diksha by the order of the Ācārya and śikṣā by way of his books should be avoided and placed at a respectful distance from one trying to advance in spiritual life under his divine guidance.

We affirm that only those who are to be worshiped and respected as perfected saints are those already listed by A.C. Bhaktivindanta Śrīla Prabhupāda and unanimously agreed upon by the majority of vaishnava societies as genuine eternal associates.

Reporter: Who will succeed you when you die?
Śrīla Prabhupāda: I will never die! I will live forever for my books and you will utilise.
If I depart there is no cause for lamentation. I will always be with you through my books and orders.
I will always remain with you in that way. Whether I am present or not does not matter.

Devotee: Śrīla Prabhupāda when you're not present with us, how is it possible to receive instructions? For example in questions that may arise...

Śrīla Prabhupāda: In my books the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness is explained fully so if there is anything you do not understand, then you simply have to read again and again. By reading daily the knowledge will be revealed to you and by this process your spiritual life will develop.

Śrīla Prabhupāda: "I am the Spiritual Master of this institution, and ALL the members of the Society, they're supposed to be MY disciples. They follow the rules and regulations which I ask them to follow, and they are INITIATED BY ME spiritually" - (Radio Interview, 12 March 1968, San Francisco)

Śrīla Prabhupāda: “If I depart there is no cause for lamentation. I will always be with you through my books and orders. I will always remain with you in that way“   » more here «


हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे - हरे राम हरे राम राम राम हरे हरे - हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे - हरे राम हरे राम राम राम हरे हरे         Please always chant   -->   <--   Hare Kṛṣṇa Hare Kṛṣṇa  -  Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Hare Hare  -  Hare Rāma Hare Rāma  -  Rāma Rāma Hare Hare