Professor Edward C. Dimock: School of Vaisnavism was founded, or revived, by Sri Krishna-Caitanya Mahaprabhu (1486-1533) in Bengal

“The Bhagavad-gita is the best known and the most frequently translated of Vedic religious texts. Why it should be so appealing to the Western mind is an interesting question. It has drama, for its setting is a scene of two great armies, banners flying, drawn up opposite one another on the field, poised for battle.

It has ambiguity, and the fact that Arjuna and his charioteer Krishna are carrying on their dialouge between the two armies suggests the indecision of Arjuna about the basic question; should he enter battle against and kill those who are friends and kinsmen? It has mystery, as Krishna demonstrates to Arjuna His cosmic form.
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The Transmission of Transcendental Sound

The Transmission of Transcendental Sound


So, God is speaking Bhagavad-gita. Just like reading, Krishna is speaking. So, hear it, God speaking, the sound. The devotees are chanting Hare Krishna, that is God, that sound is God, Sabda-brahma. This is the way. And if you want to see God, you can see also. – The real essence of sabda-brahma is the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra. By vibrating this transcendental sound, the meaning of everything, both material and spiritual, is revealed.

The Transmission of Transcendental Sound
by Rakshana das
Jul 08, 2013 — AUSTRALIA (SUN)

The quotes contained in this paper are support for the efficacy of the many forms of transcendental sound vibration imparted by the spiritual master and the Lord, especially the vibration of pure Vedic scripture as spoken by Srila Prabhupada. They are not a challenge or alternative to the eternal principle of accepting a ‘bona fide’ spiritual master and surrendering unto him. Nor are they meant to obfuscate the potential for higher understanding and taste experienced in saintly association.

Unfortunately, devotees in some Gaudiya Vaisnava societies believe that transcendental sound cannot be fully potent unless the speaker is physically present within earshot. Of equal concern is the ISKCON strategy of creating ever-new imaginative directives aimed at corralling followers into subservient impotence.

Some of the quotes are well known to quite a few devotees, although repetition of transcendental knowledge is never redundant. These quotes are simply a window toward understanding the glorious variety of spiritual relationships sanctioned by the Lord, and an opportunity to admire the qualities of all genuine devotees, regardless of status of initiation.

What we have heard from the Spiritual Master, that is living.”

Srila Prabhupada: “So although a physical body is not present, the vibration should be accepted as the presence of the Spiritual Master, vibration. What we have heard from the Spiritual Master, that is living.”

Paramahamsa: My question is, a pure devotee, when he comments on Bhagavad-gita, someone who never sees him physically, but he just comes in contact with the commentary, explanation, is this the same thing?

Srila Prabhupada: “Yes, you can associate with Krishna by reading Bhagavad-gita. And these saintly persons, they have given their explanations, comments. So where is the difficulty?” (13 January, 1969, Lecture Los Angeles)

Such association with Krishna and the spiritual master should be association by vibration, not physical presence

“Some people complain that when they pray to God they do not feel His presence. We should know that this is due to our incapacities, not God’s… The physical conception is temporary, whereas the vibrational conception is eternal. When we enjoy or relish the vibration of Krishna’s teachings in Bhagavad-gita, or when we chant Hare Krishna, we should know that by those vibrations He is immediately present. He is absolute, and because of this His vibration is just as important as His physical presence… Such association with Krishna and the spiritual master should be association by vibration, not physical presence. That is real association. We put so much stress on seeing, but when Krishna was present on this earth, so many people saw Him and did not realise that He is God; so, what is the advantage of seeing? By seeing Krishna, we will not understand Him, but by listening carefully to His teachings, we can come to the platform of understanding. We can touch Krishna immediately by sound vibration; therefore, we should give more stress to the sound vibration of Krishna and of the spiritual master – then we’ll feel happy and won’t feel separation.” (Elevation to Krishna Consciousness) [Read More…]

Bill Gates Charged with Murder for COVID-19 Vaccine Death in India’s High Court – Death Penalty Sought

World’s First Vaccine Murder case against Bill Gates,
Adar Poonawalla filed in India’s High Court

[Kiran Yadav Vs. State and ors.Criminal Writ Petition (St.) 18017 of 2021]

Bill Gates Charged with Murder for COVID-19 Vaccine Death in India’s High Court – Death Penalty Sought

by Brian Shilhavy,Editor, Health Impact News

The Indian Bar Association is reporting that murder charges have been filed in India’s High Court against two billionaires responsible for the AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, Covishield, for the murder of a 23-year-old man who was injected with the shot.

The two named defendants are Bill Gates, and Adar Poonawalla, the CEO of Serum Institute of India (SII), reportedly the world’s largest vaccine maker. According to corporate news sources, Adar Poonawalla’s company produces not only the COVID-19 vaccine Covishield, but also over 50% of the world’s vaccines that are injected into babies.

The unnamed defendants are “other Government officials and leaders involved in the murder of a 23 year old man, who lost his life because of vaccination.”

The deceased took the Covishield vaccine by believing in the false narrative that the vaccine is completely safe and also owing to the compliance requirement set by the Railways that only double vaccinated people would be allowed to travel.

The Government of India’s AEFI (Adverse Event Following Immunisation) Committee has recently admitted that the death of Dr. Snehal Lunawat, was due to side effects of the Covishield vaccine.

The said report has exposed the falsity of the claim made by vaccine syndicate that vaccines are totally safe.

You can read more about Dr. Snehal Lunawat’s murder by COVID-19 injection here.

The article goes on to quote case law in India which:

makes it clear that before giving a vaccine or any treatment to a person, he should be informed about the side effects of the medicine and also about the alternate remedies available.

If any person is vaccinated by suppressing the facts or by telling a lie that the said vaccines are completely safe, amount to the consent being obtained under deception.

In India, vaccination under deception or by force/coercion or by putting certain stifling conditions, is a civil and criminal wrong.” [Read More…]

Corrupt GBC body introduces Lesbian Acarya

Corrupt GBC body introduces Lesbian Acarya

Corrupt GBC body introduces Lesbian Acarya

Just when you think that ISKCON touched the bottom of stupidity, they somehow manage to go even lower. Before reading this article, you should read a well-researched article by Akincana   Gocara, where you can see that ISKCON performed the first gay marriage ceremony.

Now look carefully at this photo. These are the men who destroyed Srila Prabhupada’s legacy:

Corrupt GBC body

How they are destroying ISKCON? By systematically introducing retarded nonsense into the pure teachings of the founder-acarya.

Gay marriages are a perfect example of how their deviant minds work, and in this article, we will look deeper into the background of this deviation. If you see your “guru” in the photos above, you have my condolences, you have been cheated. No real follower of Srila Prabhupada would stay a minute longer amongst these cheaters.

The history

The only real defense of the GBC body would be “Oh, we didn’t know that Hridayananda will perform gay marriage”. But if you look at the history of Hridayananda das Goswami, his position on gay marriages is well known within ISKCON. In the past, he already blessed a gay marriage. So, “we didn’t know” argument doesn’t really work. It was their job to know. If you are so dumb that you don’t see the obvious, then you shouldn’t be in the GBC body.

This nonsense has been going on for a very long time, You can read Hridayananda’s full endorsement on gay marriage from 2009: [Read More…]

Kali Yuga, the iron age of quarrel and hypocricy

By A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

The age of Kali is the most condemned age due to its quarrelsome features. Kali-yuga is so saturated with vicious habits that there is a great fight at the slightest misunderstanding. Those who are engaged in the pure devotional service of the Lord, who are without any desire for self-aggrandizement and who are freed from the effects of fruitive actions and dry philosophical speculations are capable of getting out of the ocean of birth and death.

The leaders of the people are very much anxious to live in peace and friendship, but they have no information of the simple method of hearing the glories of the Lord. On the contrary, such leaders are opposed to the propagation of the glories of the Lord. In other words, the foolish leaders want to completely deny the existence of the Lord. In the name of secular state, such leaders are enacting various plans every year. [Read More…]


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