The Unwavering Path of Truth

Sir William Marshal (1146? – 1219) was a great kshatriya knight of the medieval age, some say the greatest knight of the age. He is the character that many legendary fictional characters,…. Lancelot, Ivanhoe, Galahad etc are based on, in many story-books, magazines, film and television. My earliest known descendant Sir Walter Sinnott (De Synad) would have certainly known him as they both held Baronies in Wexford, Ireland after the conquest of 1169 – 1172.

The life story of William Marshal is a fascinating read. He killed Richard The Lionheat’s horse from underneath him, after a javelin charge and on another occasion he aided the escape of Eleanor of Aquitaine (future Plantagenet Queen of England), after coming under attack by the knights of Guy De Lusignan (future King of Jerusalem, Malta and Armenia), resulting in the death of William Marshal’s uncle. [Read More…]

ISKCON original manuscript scam

Re: ISKCON original manuscript scam
From Gauridas

Dear Yasodanandan Prabhu and all,
Dandavats AGTHDG Srila Prabhupada!

Thanks for Madhudvisa Prabhu’s nice writing on the original books. It’s more ammunition to use in the war were in with the BBT & BBTI. 

Srila Prabhupada Memories 
“Do Not Change My Words”

Srila Prabhupada used to like to sit in his garden in Vrindavan especially in the mornings. He liked to hear his books read to him daily. One time Yasodanandan Prabhu was reading Sri Isopanisad when Srila Prabhupada stopped him and asked him to reread the last paragraph. After hearing it again Srila Prabhupada said, “Those are not my words! They are changing my words! Is my English not good enough?” Srila Prabhupada became very angry and continued, “This is the worst thing a disciple can do! Do not become like a leap frog and try to jump over the spiritual master thinking you know better than him. Tell them immediately [the editors] do not change my words!”

Srila Prabhupada was very upset about the changes in his books. I never saw him get so angry any other time.

Srila Prabhupada: “The nonsense, they are correcting my translations. Rascal. The rascal editors, they are doing havoc. So you bring this to Satsvarupa. They cannot change anything … So on the whole, these dangerous things are going on. How to check it? It is very serious situation. You write one letter that “Why you have made so many changes?” And whom to write? Who will care? All rascals are there. Write to Satsvarupa that “This is the position. They are doing anything and everything at their whim.” The next printing should be again to the original way.” (Conversation, “Rascal Editors” – June 22, 1977, Vrndavana) [Read More…]


O most dearest preacher of Krishna Supreme God
your most worshipable divine grace Shrila Prabhupada
force the eyes open of this most dull blinded dog
to walk on thy path obeying God’s all perfect laws.

To be fully Krishna consciouse immediately right now
you said all can be Krishna consciouse in a moment
it can take forever or a moment I must know it
please wake me up now so to all I can show it.

O pure lovers of truth I must know who you are
you most rare from the highest brightest star
come to me pure mirrors to Lord Shri Damodara
showing the way for all lost in this dark.

You said nothing is impossible
so I beg to you wake me up now
empower me to do all thats needed
near thy servants keeping every vow [Read More…]

A Cage Dancers Application

A Cage Dancers Application

[SB/2/2/5 purport]

A Cage Dancers Application
by Jason Walter

Lord Caitanya, You have quoted from the Kātyāyana-saṁhitā

varaṁ huta-vaha-jvālā-pañjarāntar-vyavasthitiḥ
na śauri-cintā-vimukha-jana-saṁvāsa-vaiśasam

‘It is better to accept the miseries of being encaged within bars and surrounded by burning flames than to associate with those bereft of Kṛṣṇa consciousness. Such association is a very great hardship.’ (CC/madhya/22/91)

This is a quotation from the Kātyāyana-saṁhitā.

And in the Nectar of Devotion, Chapter 7, by Your Pure Devotee Srila Prabhupāda,

“In Viṣṇu-rahasya, there is a statement to the effect that one should prefer to embrace a snake, a tiger or an alligator rather than associate with persons who are worshipers of various demigods and who are impelled by material desire.” (NOD7)

In this connection, Lord Caitanya replied that a Vaiṣṇava should always give up the company of nondevotees. In the Kātyāyana-saṁhitā it is stated that even if one is forced to live within a cage of iron or in the midst of a blazing fire, he should accept this position rather than live with nondevotees who are through and through against the supremacy of the Lord. [Read More…]

Prabhupada-Anuga Initiation in the Philippines

Prabhupada-Anuga Initiation in the Philippines Dec. 30, 2017   Prabhupada-Anuga Initiation in the Philippines Dec. 30, 2017

Prabhupada-Anuga Initiation in the Philippines Dec. 30, 2017   Prabhupada-Anuga Initiation in the Philippines Dec. 30, 2017


Prabhupada-Anuga Initiation in the Philippines
Initiation Ceremony – Philippines – Dec. 30, 2017

More Prabhupadanuga initiation’s in the Philippines. Devotees take initiation as Srila Prabhupada’s disciples, by accepting harinama and brahmama initiation.

Both first (Harinama) and second (Brahminical) initiations were conducted during the ceremony held at the temple. Harinama initiation is the formal acceptance of the holy names of the Lord in the form of Hare Krishna mantra from the spiritual master and during the Brahminical initiation; the initiated devotee receives a sacred thread and Gayatri mantra from the spiritual master. All the initiated devotees were glad that they had taken shelter of Srila Prabhupada, the bona fide acharya as their guru in their journey for spiritual perfection.

Vancouver Krishna Balaram Temple and Calasiao Sri Sri Gaura Nitai Temple Philippines held a harinama and brahmama initiation ceremony as per Srila Prabhupada’s instruction in his July 9, 1977 letter. Devotees were so happy and were very satisfied with the outcome of the initiation, as well as enjoying the delicious prasadam and ecstatic kirtan. At the end of the ceremony, the fruits that were offered to Lord Vishnu during the fire yajna were distributed to the devotees and guests. The majority of the comments from the devotees were that they cannot wait for the next initiation to happen.

 The candidates for initiation are as follows:

  1. Bharadvaja Dasa – for brahmana initiation
  2. Vidarva Kanya Devi Dasi – for brahmana initiation
  3. Ikisvara Dasa – for brahmana initiation
  4. Bhakta Raul – for harinama initiation
  5. Bhaktin Girly – for harinama initiation

Please visit our facebook page to see the wonderful pictures and beautiful program. Feel free to make your comments for the devotees to be aware of the progress of the Prabhupadanugas around the world, since most devotees are using facebook nowadays.

Facebook Link:

Slowly but steadily, the genuine ritvik system is gaining popularity among the Hare Krishna devotees all around the world. Gradually as devotees catch on to what Srila Prabhupada ordered, they reject the “living guru” fallacy propagated by FISKCON and accept the actual order given by Srila Prabhupada in the famous July 9th 1977 letter. [Read More…]

The real reason that the 2nd half of Srila Prabhupada’s mission isn’t being implemented

(by Anuttama devi dasi)


It’s no secret that Srila Prabhupada wants the devotees to develop rural communities where they produce their necessities while centering their lives around Krsna. That concept is right in the original articles of incorporation for ISKCON, purpose #6: “To bring the members closer together for the purpose of teaching a simpler, more natural way of life.” Indeed one of the first things that Srila Prabhupada did after starting his movement was to establish the first farm community, New Vrndavana, in West Virginia. And on his death bed, unable to even rise his arm, he spoke about the necessity for people to live in a sattvic environment by associating in a varnashrama community. Many older devotees who had close personal association with Srila Prabhupada have confirmed that Srila Prabhupada considered that the establishment of varnashrama communities to be the 2nd half of his mission.
Here is what Srila Prabhupada said regarding lifestyle:

Prabhupada: If you open farm for financial help, then it will not be successful. You should take to farming for supporting yourself. That’s all. Grow your own food. Grow your own cloth. There is no need of financial help from outside. You get your food grains sufficiently, rice, dahl, wheat, vegetables, milk, sugar. Bas You get everything. From these five, six items you should be economically free. That you have to do, not for trade to get money. Then it will be failure. (Conversation, October 28, 1975)

I asked 25 devotees who I know and respect for the answer to the question in the title of this article. Their replies were consistently variations of “the devotees don’t want to live that way” along with words like “lazy”, “fearful” and “clueless” sprinkled in. A couple of replies pointed out that if the leadership of ISKCON doesn’t engage in a simple living, high thinking lifestyle (SLHT), it is unlikely that their followers will be brave enough to take such a plunge into the unknown. One devotee pointed out that “(the) main problem with starting VAD is that simple living is not so simple today. It requires money to set up. At least you need a good and sizable farm, which is very expensive. But really you need not only land but also infrastructure and the cooperation of many other expert workers of various kinds.”

These replies make sense: if Srila Prabhupada had told us that what he really wanted was for everyone in the movement to eat two cups of sweet rice daily, this certainly would have already been fulfilled because it is easy to achieve and almost everyone already wants to eat sweet rice. What he left us with is a challenge that requires us to overcome almost insurmountable logistical and psychological hurtles. [Read More…]

Therefore, one should not be misled by so-called gurus who are rascals and fools

People who do not know the goal of life accept someone as a guru who is a rascal and a fool

Therefore, one should not be misled by so-called gurus who are rascals and fools
by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda

acakṣur andhasya yathāgraṇīḥ kṛtas
tathā janasyāviduṣo ’budho guruḥ
tvam arka-dṛk sarva-dṛśāṁ samīkṣaṇo
vṛto gurur naḥ sva-gatiṁ bubhutsatām

As a blind man, being unable to see, accepts another blind man as his leader, people who do not know the goal of life accept someone as a guru who is a rascal and a fool. But we are interested in self-realization. Therefore we accept You, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, as our spiritual master, for You are able to see in all directions and are omniscient like the sun. [SB/8/24/50]

The conditioned soul, being wrapped in ignorance and therefore not knowing the goal of life, accepts a guru who can juggle words and make some display of magic that is wonderful to a fool. Sometimes a foolish person accepts someone as a guru because he can manufacture a small quantity of gold by mystic yogic power. Because such a disciple has a poor fund of knowledge, he cannot judge whether the manufacture of gold is the criterion for a guru. Why should one not accept the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa, from whom unlimited numbers of gold mines come into being? Ahaṁ sarvasya prabhavo mattaḥ sarvaṁ pravartate [Bg. 10.8]. All the gold mines are created by the energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore, why should one accept a magician who can manufacture only a small portion of gold? Such gurus are accepted by those who are blind, not knowing the goal of life. Mahārāja Satyavrata, however, knew the goal of life. He knew the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and therefore he accepted the Lord as his guru. [Read More…]

“How To Edit Like An Expert”

Hare Kṛṣṇa Prabhus. Pamho, Śrīla Prabhupāda ki jay!

Perhaps some of you may welcome my attempt at humour to counter the dark and disastrous effect of the BBT book changes….. if so, read on…

Okay, so I thought I’d try my hand at editing. I mean, how hard can it be – especially seeing as no formal qualifications seem to be required! This should be a walk in the park.

But to be safe anyway, and not wanting to run the risk of ruining any important literary masterpieces, I figured a nursery rhyme like “Baa Baa Black Sheep” would be a good place to start. All I had to do next was choose the obligatory pen-name…

I settled on Dry Waiter Swampy (any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and is in no way intended).

So here goes: [Read More…]

The ISK’CON Cult Mentality

ISKCON cult leader Kirtanananda – now dead –
deviating from Srila Prabhupada’s teachings

The ISK’CON Cult Mentality
by Mahesh Raja

We have seen in the history of ISKCON someone comes does something good then people take him as BIG authority. Anything he says has to be accepted by all. That forms a CULT mentality. That is blind following. Often the CULT leaders wants to HIDE something later on do some mischief to stay in power. We do not want this CULT business.  We are followers of Srila Prabhupada . We have to discriminate right from wrong. And also speak out for the TRUTH.  This is why open discussion on siddhanta is best among devotees to ascertain the truth:

Letter to: Ayodhyapati
Vrindaban, 22 September, 1976

My Dear Ayodhyapati das,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your undated letter and I thank you for it. Your siddhanta is correct to the sastra and in this way go on reading books and have the correct perception and Krsna will help you. siddhanta baliya citte na kara alasa iha haite krsna lage sudrdha manasa [Ādi 2.117]. A sincere student should not neglect the discussion of such conclusions, considering them controversial, for such discussions strengthen the mind. Thus one’s mind becomes attached to Sri Krsna. [Read More…]

Tamal The Mercy Killer

Tamal Krishna The Mercy Killer

Tamal The Mercy Killer

Tamal – The Mercy Killer
An Interview with Tamal Krishna
published by Nityananda das)

Tamal Krishna: “Srila Prabhupada would constantly ask to be allowed to… Ummm …
die peacefully and … Uhh … we could have done that

A New Film by the Truth Committee:

To all Devotees Worldwide
We request all honest devotees who understand that Srila Prabhupadas movement has been hijacked by poisoners, deviants, rascals and book changers, who have infiltrated Srila Prabhupada’s mission, please help to remove those offenders and restore Srila Prabhupada movement as it originally was intended to be.  [Nityananda das]

Isha das was secretary to Satsvarupa das Goswami in the late seventies. After many chaotic moves and even a house fire, 20 years later he discovered a cassette tape in a box. [Read More…]

Soaking in Samsaras

O Most Glorious and Merciful Srila Prabhupada,

we can truly see all the nectar pouring from You, of this there is no doubt
From the left, right, top, bottom, from the inside and even out
It’s like an open spigot gushing endlessly, from an immeasurable spout
The solutions contained in Your eternal instructions are poised to end Mayas drought

Of the parching of the human races, the variegated 400,000 species
Who have been bathing, eating and playing in their own, and others, feces
It is only You, yes You, who have decided to bestow the knowledge of the Rsi’s
And Sri Krsna and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta, to all of us, who partake in unspeakable indecencies

We know You, personally, have been empowered by The Supreme Lord Himself
And also by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta who is overflowing with Spiritual Wealth
How ? You took Srila Bhaktisiddhanta’s words as Your life, soul and heart
Never thinking or speculating for a moment, about a means or a way to depart

Likewise, by Your example, we are attempting to serve You in the utmost totality
And distributing Your Vani to our illusioned siblings, since they have lost their memory
Reintroducing them to their overlooked, blissful, eternal constitutional condition
Of serving Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, no matter their varnic or asramic position [Read More…]

Freedom From All Calamities


Freedom From All Calamities

As far as the adhidaivika miseries are concerned, these are natural disasters that originate with the demigods of the higher planets. For instance, we sometimes suffer from severe cold or hot weather, from a thunderbolt, or from earthquakes, tornadoes, droughts and many natural disasters.” (TLC)

The example is given that nobody wants unhappiness, or some disaster. But the disaster comes, unhappiness comes. We have experience in our life. Nobody tries for that: “Let disaster come upon me. Let there be fire in my house.” No. But the fire takes place. So similarly, because you are destined to some unhappiness and happiness, that will come, either happiness or unhappiness. You don’t bother for that. There is already program, according to the material nature. Prakṛteḥ kriyamāṇāni [Gita 3.27]. You save your time. You simply try how to get out of this dangerous position of repetition of birth and death and go back to home, back to Godhead. That should be your endeavor. – [Room Conversation with Lord Brockway, July 23, 1973, London]

This material world is certified by the Lord in the Bhagavad-gītā as a dangerous place full of calamities. Less intelligent persons prepare plans to adjust to those calamities, without knowing that the nature of this place is to be full of calamities. They have no information of the abode of the Lord, which is full of bliss and without trace of calamity.

The duty of the sane person, therefore, is to be undisturbed by worldly calamities, which are sure to happen in all circumstances. Suffering all sorts of unavoidable misfortunes, one should make progress in spiritual realization, because that is the mission of human life. The spirit soul is transcendental to all material calamities; therefore, the so-called calamities are called false. A man may see a tiger swallowing him in a dream, and he may cry for this calamity. Actually there is no tiger and there is no suffering; it is simply a case of dreams. In the same way, all calamities of life are said to be dreams. [Read More…]

The life of Srila Gopala Bhatta Goswami

“Within a short time, Sri Gopala Bhatta Goswami learned Sanskrit grammar, poetry, rhetoric and became expert in all the scriptures, beginning with the Vedanta sutra.”

Sri Gopala Bhatta Goswami was the son of Vyenkatta Bhatta, a brahmana resident of Sri Rangam, who was initiated in the Sri Sampradaya. The city of Sri Rangam is located on the Kaveri river in the district of Tanjor about ten miles west of Kumbhakonam.
Regarding this temple Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami remarks as follows. “The Sri Rangam temple is the largest in India, and there are seven walls surrounding it.

There are also seven roads leading to Sri Rangam. The ancient names of these roads are Dharma, Rajamahendra, Kulashekhara, Alinadana, Tiruvikrama, Tirubidi and Ada-iyavala-indana. The temple was founded before the reign of Dharmavarma, who reigned before Rajamahendra. Many celebrated kings like Kulashekhara and others such as Alabandaru, resided in the temple of Sri Rangam. Yamunacharya, Sri Ramanuja, Sudarshanacharya, and others also supervised this temple.”

[Read More…]


All so-called materialistic advancement is useless in the face of war, famine, earthquakes, floods and other disasters. All these disasters are warnings from mother earth, and by them she confirms her eternal superiority over the materialistic plan-makers who are trying to conquer the laws of material nature by their desire to lord it over the resources of the five elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether, exploiting nature.” (BTG/17/17b)

Thousands evacuated as #ThomasFire blazes across southern California Storm Ophelia kills 3 as hurricane-force winds

Thousands evacuated as #ThomasFire
blazes across southern California
Storm kills 3 as hurricane-force winds
spark national emergency in Ireland

200+ dead, whole village wiped out, as severe storm hits the Philippines Raging wildfires kill 2, trigger panic & evacuations in Galicia, Spain (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

200+ dead, whole village wiped out, as
severe storm hits the Philippines
Raging wildfires kill 2, trigger panic &
evacuations in Galicia, Spain


As we look around the world, or watch and read the news, practically everywhere is affected by some kind of natural disaster. Floods are displacing millions of people, forest fires are destroying thousands of acres and burning out of control, earthquakes continue to force people to live in fear, and tornadoes and hurricanes have become more fierce and numerous than ever. And if that is not enough, droughts are causing massive crop damage and water shortages.

The fact is that nobody likes a loss, no matter how great or small it may be. And a disaster can take years to recover from, which can only increase our struggle to exist in this world. So what are we to make of all this? Is this just our own bad luck? Is this some kind of karmic reaction we are suffering? Is this merely the way life goes on in this material world? Or is this what God is doing to us? In fact, where is God in all of this?

From a spiritual perspective, when we ask “Where is God in all of this?” we must understand that to blame God for the way the nature works is our own ignorance. And this ignorance is only the misguided perception of the absence of God, just as darkness is only the absence of light.

Most modern people are of an atheistic mentality. Even though they call themselves so many things like Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims etc., they  don’t have a proper spiritual understanding. They don’t even have a holistic understanding, or if they have, they don’t act on it. In any case, it is a sign of a diseased society, when the majority of people are materialists, trying to exploit mother earth of its resources, destroying nature for their greedy sense-gratification. [Read More…]

Lord Jesus Christ orders ritvik system and condemns fake gurus

Lord Jesus Christ orders ritvik system and condemns fake gurus

Lord Jesus Christ orders ritvik system and condemns fake gurus

BY: Mahatma das (France)

Some like to argue that Srila Prabhupada’s ritvik order (initiations on Srila Prabhupada’s behalf by officiating acaryas or ritvik representatives) has no historical precedent. Yet 2000 years ago another nitya siddha shaktyavesa avatar and universal acarya (jagad guru), Lord Jesus Christ, envisioned the exact same system of disciplic succession or parampara for his future church.

They descend on different planets as messiahs by the order of the Lord to deliver the fallen souls. On the earth they come down and do good to the people of the world in different circumstances under different climatic influences. They have nothing to do in this world save and except reclaim the fallen souls rotting in material existence, deluded by material energy. (SB 1.19.23 purport) [Read More…]

Vaishnava Calendar January 2018

Vaishnava Calendar: January 2018
“Nityananda Trayodashi: Appearance Day of Lord Nityananda”



VedaBase 2017.2 of the Bhaktivedanta Archives

Please beware: this Vedabase isn’t original any more.

The news about unedited audio is much better.



The Bhaktivedanta Archives is pleased to offer two new releases: [Read More…]

Gadadhara dasa: Yoga For The New Century

In order to fully understand what a real yoga process is, let’s look into the ancient Vedas. The true science of yoga is taught in the ancient Vedic scriptures. “Veda” means knowledge. In ancient times man had the ability to comprehend much more information then he can today and all knowledge was spoken and remembered.

In this day and age yoga is becoming very popular. All over the San Francisco Bay Area we see storefronts and chains barring the name yoga. From “Bickram Yoga” to “Funky Door Yoga.” Different Yoga studios and meditation societies are becoming an important part of our self-preservation. We need something to help us with the stress, anxiety, conflict, and hardship of life.

Whether it is our job, career, family, finances, disease, or our country’s economic status, there is always something that creates a strain on our well beings. The yoga systems presented by these studios may offer a quick relief to the troubled minds and tired body, but as soon as we step out of the yoga studio we are again bombarded by a strong energy that pulls us back into a constant struggle to exist in harmony within the world. At the end of our yoga session we may feel a little better, but these practices offer a very short-lived solution and do not present a system and science that will help us understand the reasons behind our troubles and hardships. [Read More…]


Everything is God’s reciprocation
with our love and surrender
to the source of all and every living being
known to the wise as Shri Krishna Govinda.

As we surrender to Him
we live a holy life or a life of sin
for He is the Master of all and Nearest Friend
with out a beginning and without an end.

Right now no one sees Him
because by pride they wish to hide
and believe there is no God
they may see always by their side.

He is known as the Cause of all causes
He is known as the Father of all fathers
He is known through His pure preachers like Jesus
who descend to this world just to teach us.

So you may be a total athiest
only by Krishna’s Grace
because you approach God in that way
with deep envy and no faith. [Read More…]

Everyone should therefore be given proper respect

Everyone should therefore be given proper respect and should not be neglected.

Everyone should therefore be given proper respect
and should not be neglected
.” ( BG 9.11 purport)

Everyone should therefore be given proper respect
by Sudarshan Das

Lord Kṛṣṇa, in His plenary expansion as Paramātmā, is situated in the moving and the nonmoving entities as the Supersoul, so any neophyte devotee who simply gives his attention to the arca-mūrti, the form of the Supreme Lord in the temple, and does not respect other living entities is uselessly worshiping the form of the Lord in the temple.

There are three kinds of devotees of the Lord, and the neophyte is in the lowest stage. The neophyte devotee gives more attention to the Deity in the temple than to other devotees, so Jīva Gosvāmī warns that this sort of mentality should be corrected. A devotee should see that Kṛṣṇa is present in everyone’s heart as Paramātmā; therefore every body is the embodiment or the temple of the Supreme Lord, and as such, as one offers respect to the temple of the Lord, he should similarly properly respect each and every body in whom the Paramātmā dwells. Everyone should therefore be given proper respect and should not be neglected. (BG/9/11)

Advanced devotee never disobey or disrespect another devotee. Disrespect to another devotee is a great offense. Vaiṣṇava aparādha. Vaiṣṇava aparādha is very serious offense. Therefore we teach to address amongst the devotees, “Prabhu”, “Prabhu”, “Such and such Prabhu.” This should not be simply spoken by the lips. It should be realized. Everyone should think other devotee as his prabhu, master. Not he should try to become master.

tṛṇād api sunīcena taror api sahiṣṇunā
amāninā mānadena kīrtanīyaḥ sadā hariḥ

One should chant the holy name of the Lord in a humble state of mind, thinking oneself lower than the straw in the street; one should be more tolerant than a tree, devoid of all sense of false prestige and should be ready to offer all respects to others. In such a state of mind one can chant the holy name of the Lord constantly.”

Following the orders of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, one who preaches the glories of the Lord all over the world or all over the universe should be humbler than grass and more tolerant than a tree because a preacher cannot live an easygoing life. Indeed, a preacher must face many impediments. Not only is he sometimes cursed, but sometimes he must also suffer personal injury. [Read More…]


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